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Specification of DO METER PORTABLE DO-820/ 821

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Automatic Calibration DO METER PORTABLE DO-820/ 821 :
The meter can be calibrated by one or two points. The meter with function of auto recognition when in calibration. If you used solution by mistake, The meter will display tips automatically and save the original value. Automatic Temperature Compensation: Due to influence on the range of dissolvability and diffusion caused by temperature, the meter must compensate temperature when measure dissolved oxygen.
This series with function of automatic temperature compensation and measurement bring your convenience. After the meter' s sensor connected to host, it will enter temperature measurement and compensation mode automatically. Salinity Coefficient and Atmospheric Pressure: The salt dissolved in solution will limit oxygen content. Relationship between oxygen' s concentration and nutrient changed with the salinity of sample solution.
The meters can set salinity value in the range of 0 to 35g/ L, and can set atmospheric pressure in the range of 450 to 850 mmHg. Save Data: The meter can save data 48 sets. Press [ SAVE] , and the meter will store current measured value automatically and serial number, date, time and other information. Output Data: The data stored in meter can be sent to PC through link. You can also save measured value or print out test report via software.
Multi-Measurement Units: The meter can set parameter units accord with your country. E.G The conversion between measured units mg/ L and ppm; Pressure units kPa and mmHg; Temperature units oC and oF.
Spesifikasi DO METER PORTABLE DO-820/ 821:

Dissolved Oxygen Range : DO-820 : 0.0~ 20.0mg/ L or ppm DO-821 : 0.0~ 20.0mg/ L or ppm
Resolution : DO-820 : 00.1mg/ L DO-821 : 0.01mg/ L
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy : DO-820 : ± 0.5mg/ L DO-821 : ± 0.3mg/ L
Saturation of Oxygen : DO-820 : 0.0~ 200.0% DO-821 : 0.0~ 200.0%
Accuracy : DO-820 : ± 10.00% DO-821 : ± 5.00%
Temperature Range : 0.0~ 50.0oC or 32~ 122oF
Temperature Accuracy : ± 1oC, ± 1.8oF
Temperature Compensation : 0.0~ 40.0oC,
Automatic Calibration Points : 1 or 2 Points
Salinity Correction : 0~ 35g/ L,
Adjustable Atmospheric
Pressure Correction : 450~ 850mmHg or 60.0~ 112.5kPa
Memory : 48
Output : USB
Power Requirement : 9V/ 800mA
Battery Display : 4.3 inch LCD
Dimension : 185( L) mm× 88( W) mm× 32( H) mm
Weight : 300g

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