Jual CRYDOM - SSR Solid State Relays - email : sales@ jakartaelectric.com - tel. : ( 021) 62311149, fax : ( 021) 62311148 DISTRIBUTOR STOCK JAKARTA INDONESIA - GLODOK PRICE - SCR Thyristors Relay DKI Jakarta - PT. JE Indonesia ( Distributor & Service ) | Indonetwork

CRYDOM - SSR Solid State Relays - email : sales@ jakartaelectric.com - tel. : ( 021) 62311149, fax : ( 021) 62311148 DISTRIBUTOR STOCK JAKARTA INDONESIA - GLODOK PRICE - SCR Thyristors Relay

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Specification of CRYDOM - SSR Solid State Relays - email : sales@ jakartaelectric.com - tel. : ( 021) 62311149, fax : ( 021) 62311148 DISTRIBUTOR STOCK JAKARTA INDONESIA - GLODOK PRICE - SCR Thyristors Relay

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CRYDOM - SSR Solid State Relays - email : sales@ jakartaelectric.com - tel. : ( 021) 62311149, fax : ( 021) 62311148 DISTRIBUTOR STOCK JAKARTA INDONESIA - GLODOK PRICE - SCR Thyristors Relay 10CPV120 10CPV240 10LPCV24110 10LPCV2425 10LPCV2440 10LPCV2475 10PCV2 415 10PCV2425 10PCV2440 10PCV2450 10PCV2475 10PCV2490 10SST120 10SST240 120A 25 1F25 20LPCV24110 20LPCV2425 20LPCV2440 20LPCV2475 240A25 25CPV120 25CPV24 0 25SST120 25SST240 3F20 3F20-4 40CPV120 40SST120 4D1210 4D1225 4D1240 4D240 2 4D2410 4D2425 4D2440 4D2450 50CPV240 50SST240 5KP5-OC 5LPCV24110 5LPCV2415 5LPCV2425 5LPCV2440 5LPCV2475 6101 6101A 6131 6200 6201A 6202 6202A 6231 62 32 6301A 6301A-6215 6302 6311 6321 6341 6351 6401A 6402 6402A 6411 6412 6421 6422 6441 6451 6452 75CPV240 75SST240 7PCV2415 7PCV2425 7PCV2440 90CPV240 9 0SST240 AO241 AO241R A1202 A1210 A1210-10 A1210-B A1210EH A1225 A1225-10 A12 25-B A1225E A1240-10 A1240-B A1240E A1240F A2402 A2402-10 A2410 A2410-10 A24 10-B A2410E A2410E-10 A24110 A24110-10 A24110E A24110E-10 A24125 A24125-10 A 24125E A24125E-10 A2415-C A2425 A2425-10 A2425-B A2425E A2425E-10 A2440 A244 0-10 A2440-C A2440E A2450 A2450-B A2450E A2450-E A2450E-10 A2475 A2475-10 A2 475-B A2475E A2475E-10 A2490 A2490-10 A2490E A2490E-10 A4812 A4825 A4825-10 A4840 A4840-10 A4850-10 A4875 A4875-10 A4890 A4890-10 A53DP25D A53DP25D-10 A 53DP50D A53TP25D A53TP25D-10 A53TP50D A53TP50D-10 ASO241 ASO241R ASO242 ASO2 42R ASPF240D3 ASPF240D3R B3020R5A B412F-2 B412F-2T B483C-2T B483F-2 B483F-2T B483G-2T B483H-2T B484C-2T B484G-2 B484H-2 B485C-2 B485C-2T B485D-2 B485F-2 B485F-2T B485G-2T B511-2 B511F-2 B511F-2T B511FSE-2T B512-2 B512-2T B512-2T -YDA B512F-2 B512F-2T B512F-2T-YEA B512F-2T-YEB B512F-2-YEC B512FS-2 B512FS- 2T B512FSE-2T B512FSE-2T-YEB B512SE-2T B513F-2T B514F2 B514F-2T B514FSE-2T B 522F-2 B522F-2T B522FS-2 B522FSE-2T B524F-2T B532-2T B533-2T B542-2T B544-2T B551-2T B552-2 B552-2T B553-2 B554-2 B554-2T B582-2T B611-2T B611F-2 B611F- 2T B612-2 B612-2T B612F-2 B612F-2T B612FSE-2T B614-2T B614F-2 B614F-2T B621F -2T B622F-2T B623F-2T B624F-2T B642-2T B642SE-2T B643-2T B644-2T B652-2AX2 B 652-2T B674-2T BW511FS-YE C4OAC C4OACA C4OACAR C4ODC C4ODCA C4IDC CKM0620 CK RA2410 CKRA2410-10 CKRA2410P CKRA2420 CKRA2420-10 CKRA2420E CKRA2420P CKRA24 30P CKRA4810 CKRA4810P CKRA4820 CKRA4820P CKRA4830 CKRA4830P CKRD2410 CKRD24 10-10 CKRD2410P CKRD2420 CKRD2420-10 CKRD2420P CKRD2430 CKRD2430P CKRD4810-1 0 CKRD4810P CKRD4820 CKRD4820P CKRD4830 CKRD4830-10 CKRD4830P CKRD6030 CMA24 110 CMA24125 CMA24125-10 CMA2425 CMA2425-10 CMA2450 CMA2450E CMA2475 CMA2490 CMA48110 CMA48125 CMA4825 CMA4850 CMA4875 CMA4890 CMA60110 CMA60125 CMA6025 CMA6050 CMA6075 CMA6090 CMD24110 CMD24125 CMD2425 CMD2450 CMD2475 CMD2490 C MD48110 CMD48125 CMD4825 CMD4850 CMD4875 CMD4890 CMD60110 CMD60125 CMD6050 C MD6075 CMD6090 CMRA2435 CMRA2445 CMRA2455 CMRA2465 CMRA4835 CMRA4845 CMRA485 5 CMRA4865 CMRA6035 CMRA6045 CMRA6055 CMRA6065 CMRD2435 CMRD2445 CMRD2445-10 CMRD2455 CMRD2465 CMRD2465-10 CMRD4835 CMRD4845 CMRD4845-10 CMRD4845P CMRD4 855 CMRD4865 CMRD4865P CMRD6035 CMRD6045 CMRD6055 CMRD6055-10 CMRD6065 CMX10 0D6 CMX200D3 CMX60D10 CMX60D5 CPV120 CPV240 CSD2410 CSD2425 CSD2440 CSD2450 CSD2475 CSD2490 CSE2410 CSE2425 CSE2450 CSE2475 CSE2490 CSW2410 CSW2425 CSW2 425P CSW2450 CSW2450P CTA2410 CTA2425 CTD2410 CTD2425 CTX240D3Q CTX240D3QR C TX2410D3Q CWA2410 CWA2410E CWA2425 CWA2425E CWA2425ESPH CWA2450 CWA2450E CWA 2490 CWA4850 CWD2410 CWD2410-10 CWD24125-10 CWD2425 CWD2425-10 CWD2425S CWD2 450 CWD2450-10 CWD2450P CWD2490 CWD2490-10 CWD4825 CWD4850 CX240A5 CX240D5 C X240D5-B CX240D5R CX241 CX241R CX380D5 CX380D5R CX480D5 CX480D5R CXE240A5 CX E240A5R CXE240D5 CXE240D5R CXE380D5 CXE480D5 DO061A DO061A-B DO061B DO061B-B D06D100 D06D60 D06D80 D1202 D1202F D1210 D1210-10 D1210-B D1225 D1225-10 D1 225-B D1240 D1240-10 D1240-B D1D07 D1D07L D1D12 D1D20 D1D20L D1D40 D1D40L D2 402 D2410 D2410-10 D2410-B D2410F D24110 D24110-10 D24125 D24125-10 D2425 D2 425-10 D2425-B D2425D D2425D-10 D2425F D2425H-10 D2425-W/ COVER D2440 D2440-1 0 D2440-B D2440-C D2440D D2440D-10 D2450 D2450-10 D2450-B D2475 D2475-10 D24 75-B D2490 D2490-10 D2490-B D2D07 D2D12 D2D12L D2D40 D2W202F D2W203F D2W203F -11 D4808 D4812 D4825 D4825-10 D4840 D4840-10 D4840B D4850 D4850-10 D4875 D4 875-10 D4875C D4890 D4890-10 D4D07 D4D07L D4D12 D4D12L D536DP25D D53DP25D D5 3DP50D D53DP50D-10 D53TP25D D53TP25D-10 D53TP50D D53TP50D-10 D5D07 D5D10 D5D 10L DC60S3 DC60S3-B DC60S3H DC60S5 DC60S5-B DC60S7 DC60S7-B DC60SA3 DC60SA5 DC60SA7 DD061A DLD2410 DLD2425 DLD2450 DMO063 DMP1610A DMP6101A DMP6201A DMP 6202A DMP6301A DMP6402A DPA4111 DPA4119 DPA6111 DPA6119 DR-OAC DR-ODC24 DR-I AC5 DR-IDC5 DSD2410 DSD2425 DSD2450 EFC19CF EFD01FF EFD20G EFE15C EFE15F EFE 19C EFE19FF EFE19G EFF01FF EFF15F EFF16F EFF19F EFG01CF EFG13C EFG15F EFG15G EFG20G ES612F-YEC EZ240A12 EZ240A12R EZ240A12S EZ240A18 EZ240A18R EZ240D12 EZ240D12R EZ240D12S EZ240D18 EZ240D18-B EZ240D18R EZ240D18S EZ240D5 EZ480A12 EZ480A18 EZ480D18 EZE240A12 EZE240D12 EZE240D12R EZE240D18 EZE480A12 EZE480 A18 EZE480D12 EZE480D18 EZE480D18S F18107SDK1600 F1827CAD1200 F1827CAD1400 F 1827CAH1200 F1827CAH1400 F1827CAH600 F1827CCD1200 F1827CCD400 F1827D400 F182 7HD1000 F1827HD1200 F1827RD1200 F1827SD1000 F1827SD1200 F1827SD1400 F1827SD4 00 F1827SD600 F1827SDK1200 F1842CAD400 F1842CAD600 F1842CAH1200 F1842CCD1200 F1842CCD400 F1842CCD600 F1842D1200 F1842D1400 F1842D400 F1842D600 F1842DH12 00 F1842DH1400 F1842DH600 F1842HD1000 F1842HD1200 F1842RD1200 F1842RD600 F18 42SD1000 F1842SD1200 F1842SD600 F1857CAD400 F1857CCD400 F1857CCD600 F1857CCH 1200 F1857D1000 F1857D1200 F1857D1400 F1857D400 F1857D600 F1857DH1200 F1857H D1000 F1857HD1200 F1857HD600 F1857RD1000 F1857RD1200 F1857RD400 F1857RD600 F 1857SD1000 F1857SD1200 F1857SD600 F1891DH600 F1892CCD400 F1892CCD600 F1892D1 200 F1892D600 F1892DH1000 F1892DH1200 F1892DH600 F1892HD1000 F1892HD1200 F18 92HD1600 F1892HD600 F1892RD1000 F1892RD1200 F1892RD1400 F1892RD600 F1892SD10 00 F1892SD1200 F1892SD1400 F1892SD600 G2-1A02-ST G2-1A03-ST G2-1A03-TT G2-1A 05-ST G2-1A05-TT G2-1A06-SR G2-1A06-TT G2-1A07-ST G2-1A07-TT G2-1A09-ST G2-1 A23-TT G2-1B01-SR G2-1B01-ST G2-1B01-TT G2-1B02-ST G2-1B02-TT G2-1T01-ST G2- 1T01-TT G2-2A03-SR G2-2A03-ST G2-2A03-TT G240A45 G2-A102-ST G2-A105-ST G2-A1 06-ST G2-AB01-ST G2-AB01-TT G2-AB02-ST G2-AB02-TT G2-DA01-ST G2-DA01-TT G2-D A02-ST G2-DA02-TT G2-DA03-ST G2-DA03-TT G2-DA06-ST G2-DA06-TT G2-DB01-ST G2- DB01-TT G2-DB02-ST G2-DB02-TT H10CA4850 H10CA4890 H10CD4890 H10D4850 H10D485 0-10 H10D4890 H10WD4850 H10WD4890 H12CA4850 H12CA4890 H12CA4890VL H12CD4850 H12CD4890 H12D4825 H12D4825D H12D4825DE H12D4840D H12D4840D-10 H12D4840DE H1 2D4850 H12D4875 H12D4890 H12WD48125 H12WD48125-10 H12WD4850 H12WD4890 H12WD4 890-10 HA48110 HA48110E HA48110E-10 HA4812 HA4812-10 HA48125 HA48125-10 HA48 125E HA48125E-10 HA4812E HA4812E-10 HA4812F HA4825 HA4825-10 HA4825E HA4825E -10 HA4850 HA4850-10 HA4850E HA4850E-10 HA4875 HA4875-10 HA4875E HA4875E-10 HA4890 HA4890-10 HA4890E HA4890E-10 HA60125 HA60125-10 HA60125E HA60125E-10 HA6025 HA6025-10 HA6025E HA6025E-10 HA6050 HA6050-10 HA6050E HA6050E-10 HA60 90 HA6090-10 HA6090E HA6090E-10 HD48110 HD48110-10 HD4812 HD4812-10 HD48125 HD48125-10 HD4825 HD4825-10 HD4840 HD4850 HD4850-10 HD4875 HD4875-10 HD4890 HD4890-10 HD60125 HD60125-10 HD6025 HD6025-10 HD6050 HD6050-10 HD6090 HE-54 HE-90 HE-91 HPF240D20 HPF240D20R HPF240D20RS HPF240D20S HPF240D30 HPF240D30R HPF240D30RS HPF240D30S HPF480D20 HPF480D30 HS-1 HS-2 IAC15 IAC15A IAC24 IAC 5 IAC5A IAC5-A IAC5AQ IAC5Q IDC15 IDC24 IDC5 IDC-5B IDC5D IDC5N IDC5Q KS100 KS100-SMR KS300 KSS-1760 LO411F L312F L314F L321F L412F L512 L512F L513F L51 4F L522F L541 L542 L551 L611F L612F L613F L621F L622F L622F-8680 L652 LAA110 L LAA120L LAA120LS LBA110 LBA110S LBA126 LBB110 LBB110S LBB126 LBB126S LC241 LC241R LCA110L LCA110LS LCA110LSTR LCA120L LCA220 LCA220S LCB110 LCB110S LC B110ST LCB126 LCB126S LJR2220A LR1200480D40 LR600240D25 LR600240D40R LS240D1 2 LS240D12R LS240D8 LS240D8R LSE240D12 LSE240D12R LSE240D8 M-IAC5A M-IDC24 M -IDC5 M-IDC5N M-OAC15 M-OAC24 M-OAC5 M-OAC5A M-ODC15 M-ODC5 M-ODC5A M250405V M252511FV M252512F M252512FV M252513F M252515F M252522F M252522FV M252523FV M252532 M252532V M252533 M252535V M2525532 M252555 M254015F M254042 M254043 M254045V M254055 M254085 M2550TB1600 M2550TB400 M5010011FV M5010012 M501001 2F M5010012FV M5010012V M5010013F M5010014F M5010015F M5010015FV M5010015V M 5010042 M5010045V M5010072 M50100CC1000 M50100CC1200 M50100CC1400 M50100CC16 00 M50100CC400 M50100CC600 M50100DD1000 M50100DD1200 M50100DD1400 M50100DD16 00 M50100DD400 M50100DD600 M50100SB1000 M50100SB1200 M50100SB1600 M50100SB20 0 M50100SB400 M50100SB600 M50100TB1000 M50100TB1200 M50100TB1400 M50100TB160 0 M50100TB400 M50100TB600 M50100TB800 M50100TCH1600 M50100THA1600 M50100THC1 000 M50100THC1200 M50100THC1600 M505011 M505011F M505011FV M505012 M505012F M505012FV M505012F-YEB M505012F-YEC M505012V M505015F M505015FV M505022F-D M 505032 M505035 OAC15 OAC24 OAC24A OAC5 OAC5AQ OAC5Q OAC5R ODC15 ODC15A ODC24 ODC24A ODC5 ODC5A ODC5Q MOAC15A MOAC-5 MODC-24 MODC-5A MODC-5MC M505042 M50 5045 M505052 M505055 M505062 M5050DF-YEC M5060CC1200 M5060CC400 M5060CC600 M 5060SB1000 M5060SB1200 M5060SB1400 M5060SB1600 M5060SB2100 M5060SB400 M5060S B600 M5060TB1200 M5060TB1400 M5060TB1600 M5060TB400 M5060TB600 M5060TB800 M5 060THC1600 M5060THC600 M508012F M811-CX240D5 MCBC2450C MCMX60D10 MCMX60D5 MC PC1225A MCPC1225D MCPC1250A MCPC1250C MCPC1250D MCPC1250E MCPC1290A MCPC2425 E MCPC2450A MCPC2490A MCPC4825C MCPC4825E MCPC4890D MCR240D5 MCSS4850EM MCST 1250CM MCST1250ES MCST2425CM MCST2425ES MCST4825CM MCST4825EM MCST4825ES MCS T4850ES MCTC2425JLA MCTC2425JLC MCTC2425KHD MCTC2425KLA MCTC2425KLD MCTC2450 JLA MCTC2450JLC MCTC2450KLA MCTC2490JLA MCTC2490KLA MCTC4825JLC MCTC4825KHD MCX240A5 MCX240D5 MCX240D5R MCX241 MCX241R MCX380D5 MCXE240A5 MCXE240D5 MCXE 240D5R MIAC15 MIAC15A MIAC-24 MIAC-5 MIAC-5A MIDC15 MP120D3 MP120D4 MP240D2 MP240D3 MP240D4 MPDCD3 MPDCD3-B MPF240D4 MPF240D4R MPX240D5 MPX240D5R MS11-C MX100D6 MS11-CMX60D10 MS11-CMX60D5 MS11-CX240D5 MS11-CXE240D5 MS11-D2W202F M S11-DMP6301A MS-16H MS-16L MS-24H MS2-D2420 MS2-D2430 MS-4 MS-4H MS-8H NTA24 10 NTA2425 NTD2410 NTD2425 NTD2425F PAA110 PAA110S PB16 PB-16A PB16C4 PB16T PB24SM PB-24SMB PB32D PB4 PB-414 PB4H PB4R PB8 PF240A25 PF240A25R PF240D25 P F240D25-6503 PF240D25R PF380D25 PF480D25 PFE240A25 PFE240A25R PFE240D25 PFE2 40D25R PFE380D25 PFE480D25 PFE480D25R PLA110 PLA110L PLA110S PLA134 PLA134S PLA140 PLA140S PRGA24150 PRGA24150-10 PRGA48150 PRGD24150 PRGD24150-10 PRGD4 8150 PRGD48150-10 PS-120 PS-240 PSD2425 PSD2490 PSD4850 PX240D5 RPC1215 RPC1 225 RPC1240 RPC2415 RPC2425 RPC2440 RPC4815 RPC4825 RPC4840 RSF85Y100R S218 S221C S228 S228C S3010A S3012A S3013A S3020A S3022A S3023A S310 S312 S320 S3 22 S3714 S3724 S410 S411 S412 S421 S430 S432 S440 S441 S442 S443 SDI2415 SDV 2415 SDV2415R SMOAC-24 SM-OAC24A SM-OAC5A SM-OAC5A-274 SMODC-24 SM-ODC5 SMOD C-5 SMODC-5A SMIAC-24 SM-IAC5 SMIAC-5 SM-IDC5 SMIDC-5 SMR2425 SMR2450 SMR245 0-6 SMR2490 SPA4191 SPA6191 SPF240D25 SPF480D25 SPFE240D25 SRA200G/ 15-20 SSC 1000-25-24 SSC800-25-12 SSC800-25-24 SSHE-90 SST120 SST240 T483A T483B T483C T483F T485C T485F T485G T511F T511FS T512F T512FS T512FSE T512F-YEB T513F T 514F T522F T53TP50D-10 T542 T542-YEB T544 T552 T554 T612F T612FSE T613FSE T6 14F T614FS T614FSE T621F T622F T642 T652 T654 TA1205 TA1210 TA1225 TA2405 TA 2410 TA2425 TA2425E TD1205 TD1210-B TD1225-B TD2405 TD2410 TD2410-B TD2420Q TD2420Q-10 TD2425 TP01 TP03 X4IAC15 X4IAC15A X4IAC24 X4IAC24A X4IAC5 X4IAC5A X4IDC15 X4IDC15D X4IDC24 X4IDC24D X4IDC5 X4IDC5D X4OAC15 X4OAC15A X4OAC24 X 4OAC24A X4OAC5 X4ODC15 X4ODC15A X4ODC24 X4ODC24A X4ODC5 X4ODC5A 5LPCV2415 5L PCV2425 5LPCV2440 5LPCV2475 5LPCV24110 10LPCV2415 10LPCV2425 10LPCV2440 10LP CV2475 10LPCV24110 20LPCV2415 20LPCV2425 20LPCV2440 20LPCV2475 20LPCV24110 P S120 PS240 MCBC1225AF MCBC1225AL MCBC1225BF MCBC1225BL MCBC1225CF MCBC1225CL MCBC1225DF MCBC1225DL MCBC1225EF MCBC1225EL MCBC1250AF MCBC1250AL MCBC1250B F MCBC1250BL MCBC1250CF MCBC1250CL MCBC1250DF MCBC1250DL MCBC1250EF MCBC1250 EL MCBC2425AF MCBC2425AL MCBC2425BF MCBC2425BL MCSP1225A MCSP1225B MCSP1225C MCSP1225D MCSP1225E MCSP1250A MCSP1250B MCSP1250C MCSP1250D MCSP1250E MCSP1 290A MCSP1290B MCSP1290C MCSP1290D CSP1290E MCSP2425A MCSP2425B MCSP2425C MC SP2425D MCSP2425E MCSP2450A MCSP2450B MCSP2450C MCSP2450D 7PCV2415 7PCV2425 10PCV2415 10PCV2425 10PCV2450 10PCV2475 10PCV2490 SMR2425-6 SMR2450-6 SMR249 0-6 LVD75A40 LVD75A40H LVD75A60 LVD75A60H LVD75A80 LVD75A80H LVD75A100 LVD75 A100H LVD75B40 LVD75B40H LVD75B60 LVD75B60H LVD75B80 LVD75B80H LVD75B100 LVD 75B100H LVD75C40 LVD75C40H LVD75C60 LVD75C60H LVD75C80 LVD75C80H LVD75C100 L VD75C100H MCPC1225A MCPC1225B MCPC1225C MCPC1225D MCPC1225E MCPC1250A MCPC12 50B MCPC1250C MCPC1250D MCPC1250E MCPC1290A MCPC1290B MCPC1290C MCPC1290D MC PC1290E MCPC2425A MCPC2425B MCPC2425C MCPC2425D MCPC2425E MCPC2450A MCPC2450 B MCPC2450C MCPC2450D MCTC2425JEHA MCTC2425JEHA-E MCTC2425JEHB MCTC2425JEHC MCTC2425JEHD MCTC2425JHA MCTC2425JHA-E MCTC2425JHB MCTC2425JHC MCTC2425JHD M CTC2425JLA MCTC2425JLA-E MCTC2425JLB MCTC2425JLC MCTC2425JLD MCTC2425JRA MCT C2425JRA-E MCTC2425JRB MCTC2425JRC MCTC2425JRD MCTC2425JVHA MCTC2425JVHA-E M CTC2425JVHB MCTC2425JVHC RPC1215 RPC1225 RPC1240 RPC2415 RPC2425 RPC2440 RPC 2490 RPC4815 RPC4825 RPC4840 SMR4825-6 SMR4850-6 SMR4890-6 JAKARTA ELECTRIC Gedung LTC Glodok Lindeteves Trade Center Ground Floor GF2 A23 No. 1 Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 Jakarta 11180 - Indonesia t.: + 62-21-62311149 ( hunting) f. : + 62-21-62311148 sales@ jakartaelectric.com
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PT. JE Indonesia ( Distributor & Service )

PT. JE Indonesia ( Distributor & Service)
Glodok Lindeteves Trade Center
Ground Floor GF2 A23 No. 1
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127
Jakarta 11180
Tel : 021-62311149 ( hunting)
Fax : 021-62311148
Email : sales@ jakartaelectric.com
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Kantor: Jalan Buni 46 AB, Mangga Besar, Taman Sari.Store Glodok: Lindeteves Trade Center Ground Floor GF2 A23 No. 1 Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 Jakarta 11180.Store Kenari: Plaza Kenari Mas Lantai GF Blok.D No.10 Jl. Ps. Kenari MAS Paseban Senen Jakarta Pusat. - Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia -11180
Last Login 08 / 11 / 2023