Clamp Saddle Silver Cap LSM Forged Clamp

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Specification of Clamp Saddle Silver Cap LSM Forged Clamp

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Clamp Saddle is one of the tools commonly used for house connections (Subscription Connections) as for the type of material for the clam saddle, there are several types according to the application that is suitable in the field. The clamp saddle used is made of cash iron material, besides being strong, the price is relatively cheaper than other clamp saddle materials.

The clamp saddle is installed on the official pipe which is generally installed in front of the customer's house/main road, making it easier when there is a new network installation from the clamp saddle to be connected to new accessories including pipes to water meters or water meters. With the installation of a network at the customer's house, customers can use water easily and can be adjusted according to their needs.

Laju Sinergi Metalindo also provides iron pipe fittings of various sizes and types. All the products we sell are of good quality and competitive price. For product details and ordering information, please contact the telephone number listed.
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PT. Laju Sinergi Metalindo

PT. Laju Sinergi Metalindo merupakan Produsen dan Pabrik Besi Cor, Ductile Iron & Cast Iron Foundry di Semarang. PT Laju Sinergi Metalindo merupakan anak perusahaan dari PT Tri Sinar Purnama sebagai lini produk tambahan dengan teknologi yang lebih maju. Kami bergerak di Industri Pengecoran Logam yang khusus memproduksi dan menjual Besi Cor (Cast Iron) dan (Ductile Iron) Terlengkap dan Termurah di Semarang Jawa Tengah Indonesia.

Laju Sinergi Metalindo siap menyediakan, memproduksi, menjual dan memenuhi kebutuhan Besi Cor (Cast Iron) dan (Ductile Iron) Anda, diantaranya meliputi :
1. Baji Besar
2. Baji Kecil
3. Banded Elbow 45
4. Banded Elbow 90
5. Base Plate R.54
6. Clamp Saddle Black
7. Clamp Saddle Silver
8. Jack Nut GG Short
9. Jack Nut PCH
10. Jack Nut TR-32
11. Jack Nut TR-35
12. Pipe Fittings Bushing
13. Pipe Fittings Coupling
14. Pipe Fittings Cross
15. Railway Shoulder KA (Kereta Api)
16. Reducing Banded Elbow 90
17. Reducing Pipe Fittings Coupling
18. Reducing Tees Pipe Fittings
19. Round Cap
20. Square Head Plug
21. Suspension 70Kn
22. Synut B.2
23. Tee Pipe Fittings
24. T Yyoke
25. Waterstop
26. Wing Nut C Type A
27. Wing Nut C Type C
28. Wing Nut Type A
29. Dan lain-lain, sesuai request dan permintaan

Laju Sinergi Metalindo didukung oleh tim management yang profesional, solid dan berpengalaman yang akan berpartisipasi untuk memenuhi segala kebutuhan Besi Cor (Cast Iron) dan (Ductile Iron) Anda di seluruh Indonesia. PT Laju Sinergi Metalindo selalu bertekad untuk melayani dan memuaskan pelanggan dengan Mutu dan Kualitas Produk, serta harga yang kompetitif.

Target pasar kami adalah Industri Infrastruktur seperti Konstruksi Bangunan, Transportasi, Jaringan Listrik, dan Industri Lain yang membutuhkan produk dengan bahan yang kami produksi. Apabila Anda membutuhkan produk yang kami sediakan, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kontak kami PT LAJU SINERGI METALINDO melalui WA / CALL / EMAIL.

PT. LAJU SINERGI METALINDO — Produsen & Pabrik Besi Cor, Ductile Iron & Cast Iron Foundry Semarang
◉ Alamat : Jl. Tugu Wijaya Kusuma IV/24, Kawasan Industri Wijaya Kusuma Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia - 50153 (Google Maps) .
◉ Website : , .
◉ Sosmed : Facebook , LinkedIn .
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