Chiller Unit (Apiste PCU Series)

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Specification of Chiller Unit (Apiste PCU Series)

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A Chiller Unit controls circulated water and cools various types of coolant.
The unit contains which contains a tank, a cooler, and a pump inside, and it cools and controls circulated water, and supplies the water to the load side. We answer your needs by supplying an Apiste chiller with a wide assortment of capacities of the pump’s water supply and cooling capacities. Moreover, we've also adopted a non-pulsating pump that reduces the vibrating effects directly to the load side. We offer a solution for environments in which strict accuracy is needed.

The heat of the condenser is releaed by the fan installed on the condenser.
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Panel cooling units properly cool down panels, which hold a concentration of electronic devices producing a lot of heat. Also, dust-proofing and dehumidifying can be simultaneously achieved by sealing the panels. These capabilities are most useful in areas with high outdoor air temperature and areas with high humidity, as well as areas where oil mist is scattered in the air. Apiste panel cooling units include, in addition to the various functions, a line up of units certified by CCC, UL, CE, and other certifications in each country
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