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Specification of building maintenance

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Building Maintenance

This service is indispensable, especially in urban areas, to make building maintenance easier and more practical, we PT. Sentro Binar facilities are ready to be a part of which can maintain your building, especially for offices.

Building Maintenance is a complex activity that requires special tools and trained workforce. Therefore, many use Building Maintenance Services to complete the maintenance and maintenance of the building they own.

Building Maintenance itself can be regarded as all equipment and other supports within the scope of buildings that require maintenance. This activity includes:

- Cleaning
- Tidying up
- Examination
- Repair
- Replacement

In order to carry out all these activities, special requirements are needed which include: building safety, building security, building health and comfort. Equally important is the ease of construction of the building and its reliability.

To carry out building maintenance, human resources are needed to use adequate SOPs or standard operating procedures. That way, the results provided will be satisfactory and the safety of employees will be guaranteed.
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"AN HONEST AND TRUSTWORTY FACILITY SERVICE COMPANY" Facility Service yaitu sebuah layanan pemeliharaan keseluruhan bangunan dan property yang berada di area gedung baik outdoor maupun indoor. Perusahan facility service harus mampu memberikan solusi terbaik berdasarkan kebutuhan dari client untuk mencapai standar yang baik. PT. Sentro Binar fasilitas telah dikenal memiliki keunggulan dalam menyediakan layanan/kebutuhan dengan kualitas dan kompetensi sumber daya manusia dalam industri Facility Services. PT. Sentro Binar fasilitas telah berpengalaman dalam mengelola layanan fasilitas untuk semua unit bisnis adapun layanan Facility Service yang disediakan PT. Sentro Binar Fasilitas yaitu : - Layanan Kebersihan - Office Support - Messenger - Building Management - electrical maintenance - Security - Cleaning Service - Asisten Perawat Dan Lainnya...   PT. Sentro Binar fasilitas berkomitmen untuk memberikan standar layanan Facility Service yang tinggi serta mampu memberikan berorientasi pada kepuasan pelanggan. Termasuk di antara layanan-layanan yang disediakan PT. Sentro Binar fasilitas adalah cleaning service (high rise, indoor, outdoor), security service, outsourcing, maintenance, Dan Lainnya.
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