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BOSCH REXROTH VFC & EFC Frequency Converter / Inverter

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Specification of BOSCH REXROTH VFC & EFC Frequency Converter / Inverter

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Frequency Converter
BOSCH REXROTH VFC & EFC Frequency Converter / Inverter
For further information, please contact the Marketing Division: Phone: +62 31 868o6o1 or WA: o8185o6174 Email: marketing@ coronamutiguna.com visit us at www.coronamultiguna.com
BOSCH REXROTH VFC & EFC Frequency Converter / Instrumentation and Control Equipment Inverter The VFC 5610 is a high-performance vector control drive, specifically developed to meet the needs of emerging markets. Its modularity allows it to adapt to specific customer requirements, its extra-robust design helps it survive harsh environments and regional production ensures the shortest delivery times. High control accuracy combined with highly dynamic response makes it suitable for a wide range of industries. from metal processing, food and packaging machinery, printing and paper production to air compressors and plastic extrusion
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CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA is a private company which was founded by some engineers specialized in Steam Specialist, Instrumentation Equipment, Fire Protection System and Water Flow Management. It's Focusing on industrial markets and Commercial building projects. We are authorized agent, distributor, stockist, and importer from several mechanical and electrical product for east java and Indonesia area.

The Scope of supply from CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA consist of some division, there are:

• Divisi Utility Valve and Accessories
• Divisi Steam System
• Divisi Instrumentasi Equipment
• Divisi Fire Protections system

Product List from CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA:

A. Utility Valve & Accessories Division:

• Ball Valve ( Full Bore & Reduce Pot)
• Gate Valve OS& Y dan NRS Type
• Globe Valve
• Swing Check Valve
• Lift Check Valve
• Wafer Disc Check Valve
• Butterfly Valve
• Y-Strainer, U-Strainer, Bucket Strainer
• Motorized and Pneumatic Actuated Control Valve

2. SINGER VALVE ( Water Works)
• Pump control Valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves
• Anti Cavitations Control Valves
• Relief Valve / Sustaining / Surge Valves
• Level & Flow Control Valves
• Electronic Control Valves & Metering System

• Pressure Reducing Valve
• Pressure Relief Valve
• Pressure Sustaining Valve
• Solenoid Control Valve
• Float Valve Control System
• Silent Check Valve
• Water Hammer Arrester
• Pump Control Valve
• Air Relief Valve
• Foot Valve with Sludge Release

• Gate Valves ( Design API6oo & API 6o3, Class ASME CL150-2500)
• Globe Valves ( Design ASME B16.34, Class ASME CL150-2500)
• Check Valves ( Design API6D BS1868, Class CL150-2500)
• Wafer Check Valve ( Design API594 & API6D, Class ASME CL150-2500)
• Floating Ball Valve ( Design API6D, Class ASMR CL150-2500)
• Trunnion Ball Valves ( Design API6D, Class ASME CL150-2500)
• Knife Gate Valves ( Design MSS SP-81, Class CL150)

5. AVK Valves
• Resilient Seat Gate Valve.
• Swing Check Valves
• Float Valves
• Butterfly Valves.
• Automatic Air Valve (Air Vent) - Single acting and double Orifice
• Knife Gate Valve
• Hydrant unit for fire protection system.
• Flange Adaptor.
• Pipe Coupling.
• Repair Clamp Set.

B. Steam system Division

• Safety Valve ( Lift type, Balance Bellow type, Relief Valve type)
• Vacuum Breaker for steam and Water
• Pressure Reducing Valve ( Pilot Piston Type, Direct Acting Type, Diaphragm Type,
• Steam Trap ( Thermodynamic type, Ball Float type, Inverted bucket type, Thermostatic Type)
• Air Vent ( Capsule Type, Float Type)
• Sight Glass ( Sight Check, Flapper Type)
• Temperature Regulating Valves ( Direct Acting Type, Pilot Acting Type)
• Metal Expansion Joint
• Intermitten blowdown Valve
• Steam Separator ( Steam Dryer)

C. Instrumentation Equipment

• Leak Detection : Leak Noise Logging, Ground Microphones, Step Testing, Digital Leak Detection Correlator, Leak Sounding System
• Flow Measurement : Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Electromagnetic Insertion Probe Flowmeter, Full Bore Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
• Pressure Control : Hydraulic Actuator, Pressure Transient.
• Data Collection : Data Logger with PSTN, SMS GSM Telemetry.
• Automatic Meter Reading
• Environmental Monitoring : Ultrasonic Level Sensing, Level Detection, Chlorine Analyzer.
• Energy Management : Web Interface for Remote Data Handling

2. KROHNE (Measurement Instrument)
• Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
• Ultrasonic Flowmeter
• Pressure Transmitter
• Level Instrumentation
• PH / ORP Sensor
• Conductivity Sensor
• Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
• Turbidity Sensor
• Chlorine Analyzer Sensor

D. Fire Protection Division

• Main Control Valves (Alarm gong Complete Set)
• Branch Control Valve
• Alarm Check Valve
• Head Sprinkler ( Pedant, Up-Right, Sidewall)
• RCV Check Valves

For More Information, Please Contact Marketing Division :
Phone : + 62 31 8680601 Fax : + 62 31 8665675
Email : abas@coronamultiguna.com or yenny@coronamultiguna.com
Visit us in www.coronamultiguna.com
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