Body Scan (Sanitizing Walk-Through Gate for total disinfection)

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Specification of Body Scan (Sanitizing Walk-Through Gate for total disinfection)

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Sanitizing Walk-Through Gate for total disinfection
Electronic sanitizing walk-through gate for preventive disinfection from harmful substances like particles,
dust, viruses, bacteria, spores, pollen, contaminants and other agents. The BodySan BS-C19 gate
doesn’t require the operator’s assistance and does not involve any sanitizing, antibacterial, antimicrobial,
fumigant or cleansing substances.
Ideal solution for installation at the entrance of public environments such as subways, stadiums,
airports, prisons, shops and shopping malls, drugstores, supermarkets and particularly those
environments that can benefit from the decontamination of particles and microorganisms brought by
people and things entering these areas.
This device generates an invisible barrier which, silently and in a non-invasive way, destroys all
microorganisms that are passing through the area delimited between the antennas.

The operating principle of the product requires the setting-up of a mandatory gateway for people and/or
things undergoing an Electrostatic Filtering action, also called electronic filtration or electrostatic
purification (ESP), a very well-known technology that uses ionizing electric fields suitable for capturing
the airborne particles.
ESPs base their operation on electric fields and electrostatic forces applied directly to particles and
microorganisms in the air.
The Filter Operating Principle (ESP) of the BodySan BS-C19 device is developed in two stages: 
 -the transfer of an electric charge to particles and microorganisms carried by the air.
 -the electrostatic precipitation of charged particles/microorganisms.
The electrostatic filter is therefore made of two separate sections:
 -an ionizing section.
 -a collection/precipitation section.
During the first stage the particles and microorganisms (for example bacteria, spores, yeasts, etc.) are
charged in the ionization section through electrodes that generate a positive or negative corona
discharge. In the second stage the electrostatic precipitation of the previously charged particles and
microbes takes place in the collection section onto a series of parallel electrically charged collection
plates. The electric field generated between these plates captures the particles by attraction and traps
them on the surface of the collecting plates. The contact with the plates causes the immediate
destruction of all microorganisms and avoids the release of endotoxins when the bacteria are lysed.

The main advantages of the Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are the following:
 -capture particles from 0.01 um to 100 um up to an effienciency of 99%
 -operate at high airflows, up to 3,000,000 cfm (1,400 m3s).
 -operate at high particle loads, 500 grams/m3.
 -low energy costs - 100 Watts/1000 m3h.
 -very low pressure drops.
Electrostatic filter technologies also show specific advantages when applied to the air decontamination of
critical areas, in nosocomial environments where airborne diseases are often widespread. The efficiency
of air filtration is high, as particles of all sizes are collected, including ultra-fine ones. The destruction of
microbes is effectively performed and the system is also able to remove Volatile Organic Compounds
The utility of ESP technology in the mitigation of biological aerosols has been demonstrated using both
bacterial endospores and various bacterial species. This technology destroys the microorganisms carried
by the air flows before becoming contaminants for humans. ESPs are therefore considered as an “active 
killing filtration”, since they do not allow microbes, fungi or spores to vegetate and thrive on the surface
of the filter, also preventing the emission of substances into the environment deriving from the
metabolism and the destruction of the microbiological flora captured.

    Self-supporting structure in non-magnetic material.
    Easy installation on automatic or open gateways. Operation mode : always active or via timed proximity              sensor (on request).
  -Technical Support:
    Easy-to-use low maintenance
  -Power Suplly:
    +24VDC, 5 Watt absorption, Working environment: -20 degree celcius / +65 degree celcius

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