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Biji Kopi Mentah Greenbean

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13 / 10 / 2023
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Specification of Biji Kopi Mentah Greenbean

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Kunjungan Toko (harus dengan janji terlebih dahulu, minimal 2jam sebelumnya)
🏡 Jl. Griya Kebraon Barat XIII No.17, Kebraon, Karang Pilang, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60222

Buka 🗓 Senin - Sabtu
Pukul ⏰10.00 - 17.00
kecuali minggu dan hari libur nasional


Update Retail Pricelist per 26 September 2022
(update will be 1 December 2022)

This Week Preparation & Delivery from origin to Surabaya

Gayo Atu Lintang : Semiwash 135000
Gayo Burni Telong : Semiwash (open order) 135000
Gayo Simpang Balek : Wine 210000
Gayo Abyssinia/Longberry : Semiwash (open order) 180000, Natural 200000
Lintong Nihuta : Semiwash 135000
Mandheling Sipirok Bourbon - Andung Sari : Semiwash (open order) 135000
Mandheling Ulupungkut : 💎Wine 180000 & Honey 150000
Sidikalang : Semiwash (open order) 135000
Kerinci : Natural (open order) 145000
Preanger Ciwidey : Semiwash 125000, Honey 160000, 💎 Black Honey 180000
Java Temanggung Robusta : Natural 55000, Honey 60000
Java Dampit Robusta : Washed 55000; >60kg 45000/kg
Java Pasuruan Robusta : Natural (open order)
Java Ijen Jampit Single varietal Lini S 795 : Fullwash 120000/kg
Bali Kintamani Single Varietal Kopyol : Fullwash 130000 & Natural 145000 (natural anaerob out of stock)
Flores Bajawa : Fullwash 135000 , Semiwash 130000, Dry Process 125000 (open order)
Flores Manggarai : Semiwash 135000
Mamasa Sipai : Fullwash 135000 (open order)
Kalosi Bemba : 💎 Semiwash 135000, Peaberry 140000
Kalosi Pasongken : Semiwash 135000
Papua Baliem : 💎 Semiwash 200000, >100kg special price (open order)

Open order : minimum order quantity from origin collective order tonnage
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Griya Kebraon Barat 13 CD 17 Surabaya 60222 - East Java - Indonesia
Contact : Yuanita Rachma
Mobile Phone
Office : +628113141979
Private :+6281231259116
Whatsapp : wa.me/+6281231259116
We are coffee green bean Retailer and Wholesaler for local and export market, established since 2012. 
Our coffee bean mainly from Sumatera, Java & East Indonesia region, origin i.e. Gayo, Mandheling, Java, Bali, Toraja, Flores & Papua, etc.
We are member of SCAI (Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia).
We cooperate and coordinate with Direct Farmer, Processor, Government Plantation (PTPN), Local Economic Community (Koperasi/KUD) from Gayo to Papua, until now we grow together as a great team with the farmer to produce amazing coffee greenbean (from seed in Plantation - Produces - Process Post Harvest Management - Pulping - Coffee Drying Management - Hulling - Sorting - Keeping Stock Management) and it will be great honor for us to be your partner in supplying the bean that you need.
Our Precious Coffee
Our idea is Great Coffee for Everyone. We are directly from farmer to another across Indonesia, convince them that Indonesia Coffee not only merely consumption but also heartedly part of passion and somehow bring people to sit together to enjoy and experience the true taste of Indonesia Coffee.
We already sent our Coffee recently 
2022 to United Stated of America (August), Argentina (July), Paraguay (August), Switzerland (July, April), Japan (March); 
2021 Hamburg-Germany https://kemlu.go.id/hamburg/id/news/11454/kopi-boyolali-toraja-dan-flores-bajawa-tembus-pasar-jerman (February), Saudi Arabia (November), Japan, United Stated of America and regularly to Malaysia.
Thank you for your kind attention and consider our company profile. Kindly don't hesitate for any question about Quotation and Indonesian Coffee. Feel free for contacting me. 
Kind Regards,
House of Coffee Barista ID
"Coffee Journey"
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OperasionalBuka Senin - Sabtu 10.00 - 17.00 / Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm | Tutup Minggu dan Hari Libur Nasional / Closed Sunday and Public Holiday |House Of Coffee @Barista_ID +6281231259116 | Griya Kebraon Barat 13 CD no. 17 Surabaya (Samping Menara Masjid Madina Luhur) - Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia -60222
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