Bearing Pad With Taper Plate

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Specification of Bearing Pad With Taper Plate

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Bearing Pad With Taper Plate is a bridge bearing rubber that serves to accommodate or receive loads from movements caused by shear deformation and also rotational deformation of the bridge structure. Bearing Pad transmits the load from the superstructure to the substructure and to accommodate the movement and displacement of a bridge structure or building.

Bearing pads have several types such as the Bearing Pad With Taper Plate that we sell. Bridge bearing rubber type Bearing Pad With Taper Plate will work steadily so that this type of rubber bearing cannot move left, right, up, or down. Bearing Pad With Taper Plate is usually used for bridge bearings in a fixed girder position or there will be no movement.

We accept orders for various sizes and types of rubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads in large quantities.
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PT. Selaras Inti Gemilang

Perusahaan profesional di bidang teknik bantalan dan sambungan ekspansi jembatan. Produsen produk karet teknik bearing pad, seismic bearing, dan beragam expansion joint. Mempermudah kebutuhan pasokan dari proyek jembatan dan struktur elevated anda. Konsultasikan kebutuhan anda di 081280003790.
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