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Battery Tester Per Cell more than 400 cells

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Specification of Battery Tester Per Cell more than 400 cells

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Battery Monitoring System Type EBMS Technical description The battery monitoring system is used to permanently monitor fixed installed UPS batteries. The instrument monitors the attached battery while it records constantly the battery’s parameters to the plugged USB-stick. When needed, the stick can be removed any time to evaluate the current and past battery state. All cell voltages as well as the current, the ripple current and the ripple voltage of the whole battery are available on the USB-stick if wanted. Furthermore also the battery room temperature and its hydrogen concentration are also written to the USB-stick. On the high resolution display all measured parameters can directly be displayed without the use of a PC or a tablet. Additionally the instrument can be directly connected via USB to a PC or the Megger Torkel instrument. Since the instrument is equipped with a standard MODBUS RTU interface, the data can easily be made available on your local PLC or PC without a large software overhead. Like this, the battery is remotely monitored and you have the data available at all times. In case, you need to monitor more than 60 cells, the instrument can directly be cascaded with its second RS485 interface in order to allow more cells. Furthermore, the instrument has 3 potential free relay contacts. Multiple parameters can be programmed to these relays to have a simple interface. Like this the instrument is connected to a PLC without the use of MODBUS. For discharge and impedance tests, the instrument can be directly connected to the Megger Torkel instrument.  60 Cells per instrument (max 160V)  U/I ripple monitoring  Charge-Discharge current monitoring  Continuous measurement of individual cell impedance 3 potential free alarm contacts  Cascadable  Megger Torkel compatible  PT100 Temperature monitoring  Input hydrogen gas concentration  USB Logger  RS485 Modbus RTU for PLC, PC‘s  High resolution TFT Display  DIN-Schiene 35mm Specifications Supply voltage: 20-160VDC Power consumption: Max. 5W Power supply: universal power supply 20 – 160VDC Working temperature range: -5ºC to +45ºC Max. humidity: 95%, non-condensing Mounting: DIN-rail 35mm Max. number of cells: 60 Max. voltage per cell: 0 – 160VDC, 300V/600V upon request Cell input impedance : 1.04MΩ Min. resolution of cell voltage: 3mV Accuracy: +/- 3mV @ 25ºC Long term stability(3 month period): +/- 0.1% Limit contacts: - Status - Contact hysteresis: - Max. contact load: - Life span of contacts: 3 potential free change over contacts Trigger criteria’s programmable in the instruments menu Symbol on the internal display Adjustable, factory setting is +/- 5 counts 1A resistive / 230VAC 100‘000 cycles at max. load 10‘000‘000 cycles at no load Measurement input ripple voltage: no need to connect this signal. The signal is directly measured from the instruments power supply connection. Accuracy ripple current: +/- 0.3% Measurement input current: depending on the requested maximum current, a current sense module is supplied. Accuracy current measurement: +/- 0.1% gain error, Offset +/- 0.1% Accuracy ripple current measurement: +/- 0.25% gain error, Offset+/- 0.1% Temperature measurement: -30 … +70 ºC, with external 3-wire Pt-100 temperature sensor Accuracy: +/- 0.1 ºC Pt-100 sensor cable length: 1000m, automatic cable length compensation Hydrogen concentration input: 4 … 20mA, measurement with an external hydrogen sensor USB data logger: accepts FAT32 formatted USB-sticks USB Anschluss: galvanically separated USB Type B connector for the connection between the Torkel or PC Data connection to PLC / PC: RS485, termination resistors selectable by DIP switches - Galvanically separated - Protocol: MODBUS RTU - Terminals for the cable shield and the connection to the next instrument on the same bus connection Dimensions: L x W x H = 213mm x 91mm x 62mm Weight: 425g CE-conformity: fulfilled Basic diagram PC Monitoring and Analyst Software Fig. 1 Real-Time Voltage Monitoring Fig.2 Multiple Battery Banks on 1 PC for Easy Monitoring Fig.3 Real-time Monitoring of Voltage/Current/Impedance in 1Hr/5Hr/1Day/1Week/1Month/3Month/1Year 24/7 Analyze Software Cell Voltages from the simulator Alarm Log with RTC Trend measuring: Float charge / discharge / recharge condition over 1 week WLAN - Hotspot Solution
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