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Ban Traktor 29 x 12.5 - 15 - Berkat Partindo Abadi

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Specification of Ban Traktor 29 x 12.5 - 15 - Berkat Partindo Abadi

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Tractor Tires 29 x 12.5 - 15 - Berkat Partindo Abadi

Tractor tires with specifications 29 x 12.5 - 15 from Berkat Partindo Abadi are tires designed for use on tractors or agricultural vehicles. Here is a brief description of the tire: Tire Size: Tire Width (29): 29 inches Aspect Ratio (12.5): The ratio of the tire's height to its width, in this case, the tire's height is about 12.5% ​​of its width. Tire Inside Diameter (15): Tires are designed for use on 15 inch diameter rims. Brand: Thanks to Partindo Abadi: Tire brand or manufacturer. Thanks to Partindo Abadi it is possible to produce various types of tires for vehicles and agricultural equipment. Short Description: This tractor tire has a size that can provide good traction and optimal performance in the agricultural field. This tire design is designed to handle a variety of farm conditions and loads that a tractor may encounter during farming activities. With these specifications, this tire is suitable for use on tractors for various agricultural tasks, such as plowing, weeding or plowing land. It is important to always refer to your tractor or agricultural vehicle's user manual, as well as consult with a tire specialist or manufacturer, to ensure that the tires selected meet operational requirements and manufacturer recommendations. Proper maintenance, including maintaining proper air pressure and regularly checking tire condition, is also critical to ensuring optimal performance and service life.
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Berkat Partindo Abadi

Berkat Partindo Abadi Menyediakan Ban, Velg, Suku Cadang, Aki, Oli, dsb untuk Dump Truck, Mobile Crane, Forklift, Loader, Traktor, Grader, Compactor, Road Roller, Vibro, Tandem, Wheel Dozer, Skidder, Reach Stacker, Straddle Carrier, Gantry Gate, Harvester, Finisher, Bob Cat, dan Alat Berat lainnya.

Berkat Partindo Abadi memberikan hanya pelayanan yang terbaik, produk unggulan tepat guna, dan harga yang kompetitif kepada setiap pelanggan dan mitra kerjanya.

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CV. Berkat Partindo Abadi
Sales 1 : 0858 88 20 22 66
Sales 2 : 0858 33 66 88 99
Fax : 021 - 2960 8397 ( Fax)
Email : berkat.partindo@ yahoo.com
Website : http: / / www.berkatpartindoabadi.com

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