Ais class B build in chartplotter ONWA KP 38A, GPS Kapal

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Specification of Ais class B build in chartplotter ONWA KP 38A, GPS Kapal

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ONWA KP-38A merupakan perangkat AIS class B Transponder dan GPS navigator chartplotter yang wajib diperuntukkan bagi kapal laut di perairan indonesia juga merupakan bentuk dukungan dan kepedulian stakeholder pelayaran dan masyarakat maritim terhadap aspek keselamatan dan keamanan pelayaran. Sebagai informasi, AlS merupakan sistem pemancaran radio very high frequency (VHF) yang menyampaikan data-data melalui VHF Data Link (VDL) untuk mengirim dan menerima informasi secara otomatis ke kapal lain, stasiun vessel traffic services (VTS), dan stasiun radio pantai (SROP).

Merk : ONWA
Type : KP-38A
Features :
Easy to Operate
5-inch LCD high resolution (800x480 pixels)
Built-in Class B AIS Transponder
Supports Dual Mapping System : K-chart and C-map
Supports Onwa lastest Kchart 3.0
Ingress Portected to IPX5

Waypoints/ Icons : 12,000 user waypoints with name, symbol, 3 system waypoints: MOB,Start,cursor 10 proximity waypoints
Routes : Max 30 routes and up to 170 points for each one
Tracks : 8,000 point automatic track log; 10 saved tracks (up to 8000 track points each). Lets you retrace your path in both directions
Alarms : XTE, Anchor drag, arrival, speed, voltage, proximity waypoint and time,AIS alarm.
Position format : Degree of minutes and UTM
Basemap : Built-in Onwa K-Chart
External Map : SD Cards slot for C-Map MAX and ONWA K-Chart
Data input : NMEA 0183 , RS232
Baud rate : 38,400
Transmitter x 1
Receiver x2 : one time shared between AIS/DSC
Frequency : 156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 25kHz steps
Output Power : 2 watts typical
Channel Bandwith : 25 kHz
Channel Step : 25 KHz
10.5 to 35VDC, current drain
Kelengkapan :

Display unit
Operator manual setup
External standart GPS Antenna with SMA connector
Standard VHF antena
Kabel power
Material instalasi
Adaptor 220v - 12v

*Spesifikasi lengkap silahkan melihat brosur pada gambar di atas
*Berat asli 3kg, namun kena charge volume 5kg
Ph/WA : +62 82140040290
Website :
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We are one of the pioneer vendor of GPS tracking system in Indonesia since the 2004 establishment has been focused doing research with partners in Singapore and the USA to meet the needs analysis tracking from the regular to the most special by using the system and on-premise servers all of which are located in Indonesia ,
 In an era that continues to grow today, every company is required to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each element has.
 For companies that have a fleet of vehicles, whether for production, operations, customer service, or for other purposes, we need a system that can help monitor and manage the work of each vehicle owned.
 With this system it is expected that each unit of the vehicle can operate optimally and efficiently, and to give the maximum, contributing to company performance.
 We propose a solution that can help companies do the supervision and regulation of vehicle fleets work automatically and in real-time. The solution is the Automatic Vehicle Fleet Management System Enterprise version.
 Benefits to be gained from this system are:
 BENEFIT - Corporate
 Increased efficiency of distribution fleet
 Improved customer service
 Supervision of human resources who operate vehicles
 Security vehicles or cargo are loaded in case of theft
 Emphasis fuel costs, maintenance costs, and the cost of Mobile Telecommunications
 Falid get the data on travel and vehicle activity is expressly automatically.
 BENEFIT - Individual
 Supervision of human resources, children, or anyone who operate vehicles
 Security vehicle in case of theft
 Emphasis fuel costs, maintenance costs, telecommunications charges. Etc
 Indo gps committed to become the biggest company and terinovativ in Indonesia in the provision of facilities and services Tracking the forefront in the era of globalization and computerization.
 Indo gps has a mission to provide tracking facility for corporate and individual customers are:
 • Easy to use.
 • Affordable prices.
 • Understand the needs analysis
 • Ability to track all types of land and sea vehicles
 Is a company that has the most selection of the type of GPS tracker tool customized analysis of consumer needs and 12 more types of accessories from the most simple to the premium for the covers ALL NEEDS consumers.
 Is the only vendor that there are different packages of personalized services to coorperate. all depending on the services required of consumers ranging from costumize to lite. because servers are fully located in Indonesia and own property.
 Is a vendor that could provide a tool warranty to 2 years and a year warranty extension to 3, 4 and 5 * for establishing the factory whose products are guaranteed with a certification of quality & ROHS, FCC and CE.
 Is a vendor that has a Support Hotline 24 hours, 7 days a week in the Jakarta and Surabaya and technicians who are competent in their field.
 Is the only vendor who holds a branch almost evenly (Jakarta, Yogya, Semarang, Solo, Bandung, Surabaya, poor, Bali, Medan, Lampung, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan) and can provide warranty maintenance / exchange tool within 2x24 hours so that operational fleet customers are not disturbed.
 Is a vendor that can provide 5 tracking method that is tracking via sms, tracking via mobile phone (wap), tracking via the website, tracking via tablet PC and iPad, tracking via desktop software.
 is a vendor that could provide a method that alerts via SMS alerts and alerts via email
 Is the only vendor that can create a customized tracking and reporting system For the needs of the customer because it has a team of software and a team of local maps. From simple report form to the form of a summary report of the most needed consumer companies.
 Vendors that are able to maintain data confidentiality and trust the accuracy of the data consumer vehicle fleet activity and has become one of our motto. Data will be stored on the server up to + - 3 months continuously.
 Vendors are already getting permission postel in frequency in each of its GPS devices legally legal and safe to use.
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