Air Screw Compressor GLOBECOMP ZLS30 Di ( 30 Hp )

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Specification of Air Screw Compressor GLOBECOMP ZLS30 Di ( 30 Hp )

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ZLS-Di Low Pressure Large Discharge
Industry Leader, first class energy efficiency standards
* Original IP65 permanent magnet motor, oil / water cooled technology, efficiency increased by 8%
* WIth large rotor and low speed design, the performance is more stable, Permanent magnet IPM motor adopts 8 pole high speed motor, energy-saving efficiency increased by 10% compared with asynchronous motor.
*Dual VSD cooling fan, low noise, save 3% energy consumption
* Special low pressure intake valve oil and gas separation filter and minimum pressure valve, significantly improve the performance of the whole machine.

Model : ZLS30-Di ( 30 Hp )
Max air displacement : 0,2
DIscharege Pressure m3/min : 0,3/0,5
Working Mode of Cooler : Air Cooling / Water Cooling
Air Cooling < environmental temperature +8 oC, water cooling <40 oC
Volume of lubricating oil : 25 Lt
Noise : 64+-2 dB (A)
Power : 22/30 kW/HP
Start Mode : VSD Start
Voltage : 380/50 Hz
Length : 1400 mm
Width : 900 mm
Height : 1350 m
Caliber of Air Vent : 2"
Caliber of Cooling Nozzle : 2 "
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