Air Dryer For Compressor Pre Filter

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Specification of Air Dryer For Compressor Pre Filter

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A filter dryer is an air filter component which is generally in the form of a tube/cylinder with different diameter sizes. The correct installation of the filter dryer is in the direction of the arrow printed on the side of the filter dryer itself. We sell quality filter dryers at affordable prices.

The purpose of an air dryer filter is to lower the dew point of your compressed air by removing the water present in it. Compressed air can contain moisture which, under the right conditions, can reach the dew point temperature and condense into a liquid which is harmful to your engine if not properly filtered.

Use :
1. Air filter
2. Oil filter or oil filter
3. Fuel filter
4. Vacuum Filter

Material :
- Wire Mesh
- Wire cloth
- Micro Fiberglass
- Cellulose
- etc.

Whatever your filter needs, please contact us for the best solution.
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