1200 Variable-Frequency AC Drive

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Specification of 1200 Variable-Frequency AC Drive

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For applications requiring variable-frequency or flux vector control of small to large induction or synchronous AC motors. Operates from 230-240, 380-480, or 575-600 V AC three-phase supplies for power requirements up to 1, 000 hp ( 750 kW) .
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UNICO ( Variable Speed Drive)

Dear All Customers, We intend to introduce our company PT. Control Systems, which is one of the SOLE AGENT for UNICO in Indonesia and the leading supplier for AC and DC Variable Drives, Motors, Controllers and all Other Accessories . We are the single-source provider for your high-performance drives and control systems for industry. UNICO offers a full range for most industrial and commercial applications. UNICO Products are : ( see at www.unicous.com) 1. 1100 Variable-Frequency AC Drive 2. 1105 Variable-Frequency AC Drive 3. 1110 Phase-Converting AC Drive 4. 1130 Line-Regenerative AC Drive 5. 1140 Variable-Voltage AC Drive 6. 1200 Variable-Frequency AC Drive 7. 2400 Modular Performance AC Drive ( PDF) 8. 2450 Modular Performance DC Drive ( PDF) 9. 3100 Bidirectional DC SCR Drive ( PDF) 10. 4700 Rack-Mounted AC Drive ( PDF) 11. 7110 Harmonic Filter ( PDF) 12. And we supply for Unico Embedded Drive Integration Tools ( UEdit® ) Application-engineered drive products for : 1. Oil and Gas Unico is a leader in the innovation of drive products for the exploration and production of oil and gas. Applications for Unico engineered drives in exploration include drill rig centrifuges, mud pumps, drawworks, and top drives. Applications for oil and gas production include sucker-rod pumps, progessing cavity pumps, electric submersible pumps, injection pumps, and compressors. 2. Water and Waste Applications in this field include center pivots, lift stations, relay pumps, and turbine pumps. Intelligent drives for single-to-three-phase conversion or multipump applications are also available. 3. Paper Converting Unico is the performance solution to process control problems in the corrugated, pulp and paper, packaging, printing, and other paper converting industries. Applications for Unico drives in these industries include unwinders, slitters, scorers, embossers, perforators, rotary knives, shears, sheeters, die cutters, conveyors, stackers, and printing presses. 4. Metal Processing Unico is a leader in the evolution of drive systems for the metal processing industry. Applications for Unico drives in that industry include uncoilers, recoilers, temper mills, slitters, edge trimmers, straighteners, tension levelers, looping pits, press feeders, shears, rotary cutoffs, flying cutoffs, blanking presses, scrap conveyors, and stackers. 5. Metal Forming Applications for Unico drives in the metalforming industry include press drives, destackers, transfer press feeds, crossbar presses, tandem press loaders/ unloaders, press shuttles, part conveyors, part stackers, and scrap conveyors. 6. Building Automation Unico provides a variety of cost-effective drive products for building automation. Applications of Unico drives in the building automation market include elevators, chiller pumps, ventilation fans, and air-handling units. 7. Cranes and Hoists Unico offers both AC and DC solutions for the crane industry. Either type of drive can be configured for gantry, steel mill, portal, or offshore applications. Axis-specific software for hoist, bridge, or trolley motions is built into the drive. 8. Test Stands Unico is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of high-performance test stand control systems. Applications for Unico drives in the test stand industry include development, endurance, and production testing of complete vehicles, diesel engines, automotive engines, electric vehicles, race cars, transmissions, axles, hydraulic pumps, engine accessories, and aerospace testing. Whether you need to control a simple machine or a complex, multiaxis process line, we' ll orchestrate everything from the motor shaft to the front-office computer. Each system is tailored to the specific requirements of the application. And, with worldwide service and training, we help you keep that investment in production. We hope to be able to help the process control associated with the use of our products at your company. We are ready to give a presentation if one day you need additional information about our products. We really want to be able to work with your company with the products that we have. If you any question… , Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you. Bestregards, Irfan Novianto Product Sales Engineer Remote Automation Solutions Division/ TURCK/ UNICO PT. CONTROL SYSTEMS Beltway Office Park Building A, 2nd floor, Jl. Ampera Raya No.9-10, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu Jakarta 12550, Indonesia Telp. + 6221 7807881 ext. 246 Fax. + 6221 7807879 HP. 0813 889 48822, 0819 3200 9407 Email : irfan.novianto@ ptcs.co.id / irfan.novi@ gmail.com Website : www.ptcs.co.id
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UNICO ( Variable Speed Drive)

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