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Specification of Blower LK-MT240

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Blower LK-MT240 (alat pembantu selang pemadam kebakaran) is high performance fan with Petrol driven fan and
quickly remove smoke and provide clear visiblity for fire fighter
and rescue forces.
The angle setting can be adjusted in a generaous range between -10°
to +20° ,in an emergency,the LK-MT240 fan can be deployed in a
matter of seconds:simply fold up the handle and drag to the scene of
the emergency.
LK-MT240 fans are widely used in variety of places
,indispensable,especially in complex buildings or in case of extreme
smoke formation I phone : 081331368535 / 082257540768
LK-MT240 Petrol Driven Blower fan Technical Specification
●Engine: 4 stroke / 6.5horse power
●Open airflow : 56,200 m³/h
●Dimention: L(550mm)*H(550mm)*W(490mm)
●Propeller diameter: 420mm
●Weight: 42kg
●Operational time: 90 mimutes of continuous use
●The distance of airflow: Mini 0.9m – Max 6m (adjustable)
●Noise level: about 93dB (3m as standard)
●Angle of airflow: precise tilt adjustment from +10° to +30° for optimization of direction of air stream up
entrance steps
●Frame: protective frame with grey epoxy coating as 30mm(diameter) circle pipe
●Characteristis : This prduct is so easy to move and equipped with two wheels with folding and movable
handle and Angle of air blowing is adjusted automatically
●Intergreted stabilizer prop at rear Also enables fan to be tilted to -10˚C downword ventilation
●Composition: ventilator 1pcs, duct 1pcs, spraying stystem 1pcs, the cover of ventilator 1pcs
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