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Jl. Raya Pondok Gede No. 5 Kp. Dukuh Kramatjati Jakarta Timur, Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta - 13550, Indonesia

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PT Indotech Scientific is a leading manufacturer and distributor of analytical instruments, life science equipments and laboratory instruments. Main activity of the company including sales and technical assistance of various products in the field of analytical instruments, life science instruments, and completeness of the general laboratory.
Our mission is to provide support for researchers, analysts, and various parties who were involved in science and technology laboratory to create high quality analysis and research, thus resulting in improving the quality of analysis results, increasing confidence in the results of the analysis, the ease and convenience in conducting the analysis.
In general, our products are being used in numerous research institutions, universities, industries, and government institutions to identify, quantify, prepare and analyze materials and element, molecular, physical or biological composition, as well as structure of liquids, solids or gases.
PT Indotech Scientific began operating in early 2010 and have been appointed as agent of Hitachi Hitec, Bruker Daltonic, SP Scientific, Nuaire, Evoqua, and so on. 

We currently distributing a wide range of analytical instruments, life science equipments and laboratory instruments to cover whole indonesia. 
In order to realize our mission, we strongly emphasize on customer satisfaction in using the equipment we provide, to the availability of experienced engineers from the quantity and quality of services we always promote: in Techcomp, we hear and understand your needs.
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