Kawasan Industri Jababeka I - Jln. Jababeka II Blok C No.11C, Cikarang, Jawa Barat - 17550, Indonesia

Company Profile

Penjualan produk Industrial Maintenance Chemical GENERAL MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS: Acrylic Coating Aluminum Coil Cleaner Aluminum Cleaner ( AC Cleaner) Anti Seize Lubricant Anti Spatter Battery Cleaner Battery Terminal Protector Belt Dressing Brake Cleaner Choke & Carb Cleaner Combustion Improver Contact Cleaner Cutting Oil Drain Opener Dry Lubricant Electric Motor Cleaner Engine Degreaser Gear and Wire rope Lubricant Heavy Duty Degreaser ( Waterbased & Solventbased) Industrial Waterless Hand Cleaner Clear / Red Insulating Varnish Metal Cleaner Mould Cleaner Mould Release ( Silicone & Non Silicone) Mould Release ( Non Paintable & Paintable) Multi Purpose Cleaner Nozzle Welding Gel Oil Spill Dispersant Paint Stripper ( Gel & Liquid) Penetrating Oil Radiator Coolant Rust Converter Rust Preventive ( Anti Rust) Rust Remover Safety Solvent Degreaser Silicone Lubricant ( Technical & Food Grade) Spinerette Lubricant Spot Finder: Cleaner, Penetrant, Developer Stainless Steel Cleaner Stainless Steel Pickling Super Steam Cleaner HOUSEHOLD & INSTITUTIONAL CLEANERS: Carpet Shampoo Dishwash Liquid Floor Cleaner Glass Cleaner Hand Soap Metal Polisher Oven and Grill Cleaner Pine Oil Freshener ( sejenis Karbol Wangi) Porcelain & Ceramic Cleaner ( sejenis Porstex) Vinyl Dressing AUTOMOTIVE RELATED PRODUCTS: Radiator Coolant Tire Polisher Car Shampoo Engine Degreaser Windshield Fluid WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS: Corrosion Inhibitor Microbiocide Scale Remover Neutralizer Oxygent Scavenger ULTRASONIC CLEANER CHEMICALS: Metal Cleaner ( Ferrous & Non-Ferrous) Optical Cleaner GREASES: Multi Purpose Grease Anti Seize ( Copper & Aluminum) Electric Motor Grease High Temperature Grease Non Melting Grease Semi Fluid Grease Silicone Grease Slide Way Grease Wheel Bearing Grease White Food Grease
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