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Company Profile

CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang Steam Specialist, Instrumentasi Equipment, Fire Protection system serta Water Flow management untuk market industrial maupun project commercial building. Kami adalah agen, distributor, stockis, dan importir dari beberapa produk mekanikal dan Instrumentasi untuk wilayah Jawa Timur dan beberapa wilayah Indonesia.

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Scope of supply dari CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA terbagi menjadi beberapa Divisi meliputi:

Divisi Utility Valve and Pipe Fitting
Divisi Steam System
Divisi Instrumentasi Equipment
Divisi Fire Protections system

Product List dari Perusahaan kami meliputi:
A. Utility Valve & Pipe Fitting Division:

Ball Valve ( Full Bore & Reduce Pot)
Gate Valve Rising Stem (OS&Y) dan Non Rising Stem (NRS)
Globe Valve
Swing Check Valve
Lift Check Valve
Wafer Disc Check Valve
Butterfly Valve
Y-Strainer, U-Strainer, Bucket Strainer, Tee strainer
Motorized and Pneumatic Actuated Control Valve

2. SINGER VALVE ( Water Works).

Pump control Valves
Pressure Reducing Valve Standard ( PRV )
PRV Double Pilot with Selectable Timer
Surge Anticipating Relief Valve
Float Valve
Anti Cavitation Control Valves
Relief Valve / Sustaining / Surge Valves
Flow Control Valves
Electronic Control Valves & Metering System


Pressure Reducing Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Sustaining Valve
Solenoid Control Valve
Float Valve Control System
Silent Check Valve
Water Hammer Arrester
Air Relief Valve
Foot Valve with Sludge Release


Repair Clamp
Gibolt Joint, Dismantling Joint and Repair Joint.
Universal Flanged Adaptor.
Universal Coupling and coupling for HDPE
Universal Tapping Saddle, Clamp Saddle, Tapping Saddle with Flange
Bend Socket Mechanical Joint, Reducer All Socket, Tee All Socket
Reducer Flanged, Tee All Flange, Bend All Flange
Flange Spigot, Blind Flange.
Street Box, Wall Anchor

5. AFC Valve.

Resilient Seated Gate Valves.
Swing Check Valves
Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valves.
Kinetic Air Valve (Air Vent) - Air Release Valve
Rubber Disc Swing Silent Check Valve
Fire Fightng Valve (ULFM / FM Approved and UL Listed ) .
Hydrulic Control Valve.
Pressure Reducing Valve ( PRV ).
Pressure Management Valve.

B. Steam system Division

Safety Valve ( Lift type, Balance Bellow type, Relief Valve type)
Vacuum Breaker for steam and Water
Pressure Reducing Valve ( Pilot Piston Type, Direct Acting Type, Diaphragm Type)
Steam Trap ( Thermodynamic, Ball Float, Inverted bucket, Thermostatic Type)
Air Vent ( Capsule Type, Float Type)
Sight Glass ( Sight Check, Flapper Type)
Temperature Regulating Valves ( Direct Acting Type, Pilot Acting Type)
Metal Expansion Joint
Intermitten blowdown Valve
Steam Separator ( Steam Dryer)

C. Instrumentation Equipment

Leak Detection : Leak Noise Logging, Ground Microphones, Step Testing, Digital Leak Detection Correlator, Leak Sounding System
Flow Measurement : Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Electromagnetic Insertion Probe Flowmeter, Full Bore Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
Pressure Control : Hydraulic Actuator, Pressure Transient.
Data Collection : Data Logger with PSTN, SMS GSM Telemetry.
Automatic Meter Reading
Environmental Monitoring : Ultrasonic Level Sensing, Level Detection, Chlorine Analyzer.

2. KROHNE (Measurement Instrument).

Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Pressure Transmitter
Level Instrumentation
PH / ORP Sensor
Conductivity Sensor
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Turbidity Sensor
Chlorine Analyzer Sensor

3. RADIO DETECTION (Metal Detection Product)

Model RD312, The RD 312 locator Sets a new standard of simplicity for finding valve box covers, vault covers and manhole covers lost under blacktop, concreate or grass.

Model MAGGIE, The MAGGIE TYPE is a versatile, easy to use yet cost effective instrument for locating buried ferrous metal object.


·          Type MS, Brass Material, Screwed End Connection, Available Size DN 15
·          Type YT, Brass Material, Screwed End Connection, Available Size DN 15 – DN 50
·          Type MD, Cast Iron Material, Flange End Connection, Available Size DN 50 – DN 300
D. Fire Protection Division

Main Control Valves - MCV (Alarm Gong Complete Set)
Branch Control Valve - BCV
Alarm Check Valve (Alarm Gong)
Head Sprinkler ( Pendant, Up-Right, Sidewall)
RCV Check Valves
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