Jalan Jember, Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur - 68111, Indonesia

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We have eight years experience of the live seafood, We are a leading exporter supplying premium live mud crab and spiny lobster in Asia. Our mission is sourcing food and resources with premium quality for Asia buyers, which aims to improve quality of life at lower cost for human. WE OFFER 1. ESCROW service. 2. Premium rate package for wholesalers. 3. Expert team to manage daily operation. 4. Owned facilities for packaging processes. OUR COMPANY COOPERATION WITH [ FISH UNION INTERNATIONAL TRADING, LTD ] Airlift imported high value and perishable goods ( such as live seafood and so on) demand good freshness. In order to ensure these imported goods can meet the quality requirements of the domestic market, every link ( including production, processing, disinfection, packaging, transport, commodity inspection and customs clearance) require meticulous work and fast implementation. However, in accordance with the general customs clearance model, it is easily cause problems in the above-mentioned links, which affected the quality of perishable goods ( especially freshness) . Our customs pre-declaration agent service can meet the requirement of imported high value and perishable goods. Customs declarations in advance will shorten the retention time of export goods and reduce customs clearance costs. Advantages: 1. Airlift Customs Pre-declaration Eligibility of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. 2. The good records of customs clearance and good communication with the Customs will reduce the rate of search goods. 3. A wealth of experience and substantial resources.
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