Dragon Blood ( Xue Jie) Agarwood Blue Amber

Jl.Ir.H.Juanda, Blok.E No.5 Jambi, Kota Jambi, Jambi - 36361, Indonesia

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We produced and supply the Getah Jernang or Dragon' s Blood or Xue Jie, in powder and brick form, even medium-high concentration level, also we are supplier for blue amber Rough and Amber Beads, Blue Amber is real Natural Amber fossilized resin of ancien trees which was formed through a natural polirimezation. Agarwood-gaharu, Tongkat Ali ( Pasak Bumi) , Kratom powder, Contact number: + 6285267937179, + 6282179329119 for WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and Viber only
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