PT. AT Oceanic Offshore

Kabil Industrial Estate Lot D1-4, Blk 1-19B Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau - 29467, Indonesia

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PT. AT OCEANIC OFFSHORE ( BATAM-INDONESIA) as a professional supplier for wire ropes, Lifting gear accessories, & Testing Services. # Products Ranges: 1. Steel Wire Rope and Assembly Slings: Splicing up to 2” dia of wire rope w/ 600t, 2000t Splicing Machines; wire rope brand -BSWR-USHA MARTIN-OSM- 2. Synthetic Rope: PP ropes, Nylon Rope, Manila Rope, Brand -DSR-MANHO- 3. Polyester Sling: Webbing Sling belt/ Ratchet Cargo lashing fabricate up to cap.24t ( 12” -width) , Brand-OSM-, Material origin: Korea 4. Deck Machineries fitting: Anchors, Anchors Chain & fittings, 5. Lifting Gear Accessories: Shackles, Wire Clips, turnbuckles, Sockets, Hooks, Master Links, Chain Blocks, Lever Hoist, etc. [ up to Wide Body Shackle capacity 1, 000t] – Crosby Brand-, 6. Drill Pipes : Nov Grant Prideco, Drill pipe consumables, 7.Distributor/ sole agents for: Bestolife, Ridgid, MSA Safety Equipment, Jet Lube, Markal B, Macdermid-Erifon & oceanic fluid, Oz-Block Hoist. # Testing & Services Ranges : 1. Spooler Machine cap.10t back tension : to do spooling wire rope service on the vessel winches mooring rope 2. Test Bed cap.150tx15m : to do Load Test & Re-Test for Wire Rope and Lifting Gears– SUCOFINDO Indonesia as local 3rd party certification ; ABS/ BV – as intern’ l class 3rd party inspections. Anda bisa mengklik " Info Perusahaan" , " Katalog Produk" dan " Hubungi Kami" untuk melihat isi dan informasi lain dari situs AT OCEANIC OFFSHORE KABIL-BATAM INDONESIA.U
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